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Default ZuluTrade's Combos

Introducing Traders' Combos
ZuluTrade Followers can choose among a number of pre-defined Traders Combos (Groups/combinations of selected Traders) and follow at once the Traders included in the selected Combo(s). Moreover, the "Follow" settings, such as lots assigned per Trader of the Combo and the ZuluGuard settings, are calculated and set by the system itself.

What are Traders’ Combos?
Traders’ Combos are dynamic combinations of individual trading systems (Traders).

The Combos are dynamic, meaning that Traders are constantly monitored by our Traders Community Desk. New Traders are automatically added while others, who fail to meet the criteria (as described below) are removed.

How can a Trader be included in a Traders’ Combo?
Competition is fierce and structuring Traders’ Combos is not an easy task. An automated point-based algorithm following a mathematical sequence for identifying profitable combinations of trading strategies has been set up. At the same time, Traders’ performance is constantly reviewed and evaluated by the Traders Community Desk.

Weight is added to the Traders’ stats by the following:
  • NME;
  • ROI;
  • stability of the trading strategy, no radical changes, unnecessary exposure to high risk
  • profits generated in the Investors’ accounts;
  • account lifetime (number of weeks);
  • max open trades;
  • average pips;
  • ratio between open and closed trades;
  • number of trading weeks

The list above is not exhaustive as the overall performance of the Trader is taken into account by our Traders’ Combos algorithm.

Last but not least is the social aspect of the account – a Trader who keeps their Investors updated on a regular basis acquires more points and thus, is more likely to be included in a Trader Combo.

Which Traders are eligible for the Combos?

Any Trader can be included in a Traders’ Combo, given that all the above criteria are met.

Why would an Investor select a Traders’ Combo?

The Traders’ Combos have been structured with the aim to offer promising combined trading strategies. In some cases, combining trading strategies is proven to be more effective and profitable than copying an individual Trader.

We created the Traders’ Combos to make your portfolio set up:

Fast – as an Investor, you can easily copy and follow up to 5 Traders per Combo with just one click!
Simple – you only need to specify your risk appetite and we will display the Traders’ Combos that are closer to your criteria and your equity.
Effective – making the right selection of Traders’ Combos could result in higher portfolio performance!

We would love to hear from you, so post your comments below or:
Traders can contact directly our Traders Community Desk via email at: [email protected] , and
Investors can contact our Support Team by email at: [email protected] or via live chat 24/5!

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