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Default RoboForex


IMPORTANT! For this broker, INSTANT REBATES system is in place. Your FxCash account will get credited every 24 hours for each position you close.

You can find the rates for spread rebate credit below:


Pro-Cent - 45% of broker revenue
Pro-Standard - 45% of broker revenue


ECN-Pro Affiliate - 45% of commission
Pro-Affiliate - 45% of broker revenue

ECN-Pro NDD - 45% of commission

R Trader - 45% of commission

Prime - 18% of commission

RAMM - 45% of commission


Pro-Standard - 45% of broker revenue
ECN-Pro NDD - 45% of commission
Pro-Affiliate - 45% of broker revenue
ECN-Pro Affiliate - 45% of commission
R Trader - 22.50% of commission
Prime - 18% of commission
RAMM - 22.50% of commission

Current values Markup (broker Income) can be viewed at the link:

МТР - minimal trade points
For FxCash customers accounts MTP rules do not apply - trade without restrictions!

How can a client open an Affiliate account?
There are two methods for opening an Affiliate account:
1. To follow a referral link
When a person follows a partner’s referral link, the first and all the other accounts of the client will be registered in the partnership group (with the exception of the cases when the client enters the code of a different partner during the registration). Affiliate accounts will then be instantly accessible on a registration page in a drop-down menu.
2. Entering a partnership code
If the client, who wants to open an Affiliate account, already has a registered Personal Account, then they should enter a partnership code into the field “Partner’s code” in the registration form of the trading account. This is the only way through which the Affiliate accounts will be accessible in the drop-down menu.

What are the different types of Affiliate-accounts?
All of them are available only on the platform MetaTrader4. With trading conditions for these types of accounts can be found on the page "Account Types", and learn the value of a fixed spread on Fix-Affiliate and medium to Pro-Affiliate and ECN-Pro Affiliate, please visit "Contract Specifications".

For example, spreads for an EURUSD pair have the following values:
• Fix-Affiliate – fixed spread of 3 pips.
• Pro-Affiliate – floating spread with a mean of 2.36 pips.
The spread for an ECN-Pro Affiliate will remain standard; however, commissions will rise to 48 USD for 1 million of trading volume (the full transaction will cost 96 USD).

1.In case you deposit funds to your RoboForex account via not verified cards, FxCash.NET reserves the right to delay cash rebate payments during 60 days after this deposit has been made. The delayed payment transactions will appear as "Pending" in your FxCash account history. Once the 60-day period has lapsed, your funds will be automatically transferred to your account.
2. Only L1 accounts are eligible for cash rebate payments. No L2 accounts shall be eligible for cash rebate payments.
3. Affiliate program applies only to currency pairs, metals, CFD, cryptocurrency, US Stock CFDs, stocks.
FxCash support staff

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