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Default TioMarkets LTD


Important! For this broker, Instant Rebate system is not yet available. You will get paid monthly, within 15 days of the month following the reference month.

You can find the rates for spread rebate credit below:

Standard Account:
Forex - 8 USD per lot
Metals - 8 USD per lot
CFD INDICES - 3.2 USD per lot
Crypto - 3.2 USD per lot

VIP Black Account:
Forex - 0.8 USD per lot
Metals - 0.8 USD per lot
CFD INDICES - 0.8 USD per lot
Crypto - 0.8 USD per lot

МТP - minimal trading point
Minimum trading point as to put stop/limits, for EURUSD is 30pts
FxCash support staff

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