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IMPORTANT! For this broker, INSTANT REBATES system is in place. Your FxCash account will get credited every 24 hours for each position you close.

You can find the rates for spread rebate credit below (in USD per lot traded):

For Cent, Micro and Standard Accounts, the 5 Pip Rule (MTP) is in place. If the profit or loss generated within a trade is equal or less than 5 pips, your account will not be credited. The amount credited, for Cent and Standard Accounts, may not exceed the [spread*0.8125] value at the moment of closing the position. The amount credited for Unlimited Account may not exceed the [1 spread pip*0.8125] value for each closed trade.


You will not receive a rebate if the creditable amount is less than $0,01

In case two trades are opened simultaneously on identical instruments with opposite directions (Buy and Sell), with open price difference between the two trades being 5 pips for 4-decimal and over 59 pips for 5-decimal quotes, the Broker may deem these trades void.

In case you accept a deposit bonus at FBS, the broker will decrease your rebate amount by the percentage of the bonus. For example, if the bonus percentage equals 30%, the rebate amount will be calculated as follows:

Rebate amount = Amount*(Your funds - Bonus funds)/Your funds

To maximize your rebate credit, you must ask FBS Customer Service to void your bonus (you can contact Customer Service via online chat) or complete all necessary requirements to convert your bonus funds to your trading account; you can do so by trading a required number of lots.

This is a mandatory provision in our Contract with FBS. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
FxCash support staff

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